get a free domain

Get a free domain

Do you know that you can get free domain ( with your name ? If you are really interested to create some websites and maintain it you must own a domain in your name. Yes , you can create a free blog in Blogspot and WordPress but It’s professional to have a Domain in your name. Here is a post on how you can get your domain for free of cost.

Condition to get free domain According to Mercantile Rules : 

For Official Request

1.A application letter written in the company/organization’s letter-head pad signed by authorized officer.(sample application letter is given at last , see below )

2. A copy of company/organization registration certificate issued by the respective government bodies must be dropped to the Hostmaster at Mercantile communications, Durbar Marg. Kathmandu.

3.Online form (admin/ technical contacts and valid name servers). (Administrator’s contract adress in the online form should be from the company owner)

NOTE:- A company/organisation only can select domain names based on its company/organization’s name, product’s name, service’s name and brand name.

For Personal Request

A application request letter. (sample application letter is given at last , see below )

A copy of the applicant’s citizenship certificate must be dropped to the Hostmaster at Mercantile communications, Durbar Marg. Kathmandu in order to verify the authenticity of the applicant as only Nepalese citizens are entitled to register personal domains.

Online form (Administrator’s contract adress in the online form should be from the domain owner)

NOTE:- Personal Domain name should be selected based only on his/her name as mentioned in citizenship certificate.

So , Whether you want to get official domain or personal domain , just follow the above given condition. Please read about .np Domain here –

Now check the domain availability before you to register in this link –

Fill Online application form with your domain name – Register

While filling up the registration form, you have to fill up the hostname and ip address of the name server which provides the space to host your pages.

If you have you own hosting plan , get your hostname of name server for both primary and secondary name server. ( , and get their IP. Your service provider will give you all this. There are some websites which gives you free hosting service , I found  go through this website and lean how to get free hosting.

When you fill application it may take at least 3 working day to get your domain/s registered or modified. Though it may take longer sometimes depending on the number of pending requests.

If you don’t have time to go for leaving application form in Mercantile Office (Darbur Marg , Kathmandu) , you can Fax your Citizenship and Application Letter to respective department of Mercantile Office. 

“If you want to host your Domain in trustful Company you have to pay per yearly.  Normally Most hosting company takes minimum Rs.7000 to Rs. 8000 per year or less than that. see this website ( They will provide you space for you domain and you can maintain your website. If you don’t have idea on any of these things , Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We will assist you to make it simple.

The sample application form is as under:-



The Host Master,

Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Durbar Marg,

Kathmandu, NEPAL.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to register .np domain name. I have already submitted the .np domain registration online form. I have attached the photocopy of my citizenship with this application.

I will be happy if you register my domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application.

Domain name:

Yours sincerely,


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